The Price We Pay

It’s been almost a year since my initial article on applying the Kelly Criterion came out. I think I’ve made a little headway in helping bettors to understand its impact, but apparently not enough. Many otherwise sharp guys are still singing the same tune they always have, and aren’t following the math. At least one … Continue reading The Price We Pay

Fever Dreams

As the annual World Series of Poker kicks into high gear, I’ve been tracking the action through twitter and must admit I’m sort of jealous that I’m not there during this once-in-an-orange-moon Halloween version of the event. This year there are no 115 degree days, or sunsets that creep down below the mountains at 8 … Continue reading Fever Dreams


This week the World Series of Poker 2021 started up. If circumstances were different, I would have liked to have gone. It’s been 15 years since I first went, and I’ve met and been beaten by many amazing people out there. Every tournament I played in, I felt I had an edge (and I’m pretty … Continue reading Swongs

Parlay Vous?

With the start of football season came the annual debate in sports betting circles: just how bad are parlays? Adding fuel to the fire were reports of an unnamed bettor who plunked down a $25 free bet on a 16-leg NFL parlay, trying to pick the winners of every Week 2 game. To make matters … Continue reading Parlay Vous?

The Swap Equivalent

Recently, the venerable Two Plus Two magazine met an untimely demise. It rarely had sports betting content anymore, but since I had a long standing relationship with them, that’s where I chose to put out my first few articles on sports betting as I uncovered the secrets about expected growth optimization and the benefits of … Continue reading The Swap Equivalent

How It Started

At first, all I wanted to know was the answer to the question “does it ever make sense to hedge?” After mulling it over for a little while, this is the answer I worked out. Some may think it’s just “old wine in a new bottle.” But, if that were true, wouldn’t everyone know these … Continue reading How It Started

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